Join conditions
Join conditions

      Recruitment credit around the country is good, legitimate business, experience, and good sales channels and dealers to join the company to give:

Product Support
      Strong R & D team and production capacity, will provide high-end features, quality, professional "types of fitness equipment products for you to expand the market, to create wealth bring considerable confidence.

Advocacy support

      To provide comprehensive planning programs, will help you better publicity to quickly enhance market competitiveness.

Training support
      Free for dealer staff product knowledge and marketing combat training, allowing you to quickly become the industry in the short term business experts.

Logistics Support
      The one-stop nationwide delivery, convenient, and efficient logistics service to meet your needs.

Sample support

      Dealers required prototype will enjoy special preferential prices.

Store support

      Creation of "British Guido stores, given the cost of renovation subsidies.

Risk support

      Strictly control the quantity and quality of regional franchisee, to give regional protection and the establishment of a comprehensive system of price controls. Complete the sales task, the dealer will enjoy the rebate reward.

After-sales service
      Good product quality, perfect after-sales service system supporting the company's marketing network, call center around the clock accept customers integrated business consulting, providing customers with product pre-sale, sale, after-sale technical support and solutions.

British Guido welcome you to join us!

Address: Shandong Province, Jimo, Qingdao Tianshan Road on the 6th

Phone: 0532 -82525088

Fax: 0532 -82525188

Hotline: 400-166-9689

E-mail: neixiao@relaxfitness.con

Website: www.relaxfitness.com

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